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Blue Tie Gala 2023

Thank you to everyone who attended or gave to our Blue Tie Gala this year. We exceeded our goal and made $105,000 for the school. Thank you to our entire community for coming forward and celebrating our incredible teachers.

When: March 4, 2023 6:30-10:30
Who: All supporters of Ascension School (alumni, parents, past parents, parishioners, friends of the school)
Where: Ascension School Gymnasium
What: We are gathering together to not only raise funding for our school, but to honor the dedicated faculty and staff at Ascension the past few years. The world has seen schools struggle, some school's close, and students who are forever changed over the last number of years.  We are proud to say that Ascension opened its doors and welcomed students into a safe and compassionate environment. Our student's may have seen a different classroom, but they were here and this was in thanks to the numerous faculty and staff who made this possible. 
Let Us Raise A Glass to Them!

Sponsorships are what make the gala possible! Please consider a sponsorship or a donation to help us to make this event a success.