Education means more than just academics. We believe that children deserve a
well-rounded curriculum to enrich their minds, bodies and souls. Ascension School
provides outstanding programs and extra-curricular activities that promote teamwork,
community and inclusion to suit every interest.

As part of Ascension’s comprehensive curriculum, all students participate in daily classes that enrich their academic experience. Children are encouraged to explore their gifts through our award-winning visual arts program, weekly music classes, physical education and Spanish language classes. All students have access to the Ursuline Center, our state-of-the-art library resource center, where they learn the fundamentals of library  sciences, computer literacy, coding, typing skills, and digital citizenship.

The Ascension Athletics Program participates in the Classic League Interscholastic Association of Catholic Elementary Schools. Students as young as third grade may participate in a variety of available sports teams, including soccer, track, cross country, basketball and volleyball. We embrace a philosophy that “every child plays” to ensure that all children are able to participate.

Ascension School offers a variety of opportunities for students interested in the performing arts, including band, orchestra, children’s choir and drama. Students in primary grades through junior high may also arrange for private lessons in either violin or cello.

A wide range of activities, clubs and academic teams are available for various age groups including Student  Council, Ascension Ambassadors, Yearbook Committee, Art Club, Robotics Team, Math Team and Environmental Club. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and talents through academic competitions and other student-led organizations.