Early Childhood Programs

At Ascension, we see our pre-kindergarten program as an extension of the development that happens at home. Our nurturing, play-based class for three year old and four year old's focuses on promoting the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth of our young children.
Our play-based curriculum provides the building blocks to help children transition to a world of learning and community. It successfully prepares them for their continued education through elementary school. The experience they gain from this program will help them in their lives both in and outside of the classroom.
This curriculum is focused on: social development, gross and fine motor development, literacy development, math skills, music, science, free play/centers, and religion.
We use the McGraw-Hill World of Wonders and My Math programs in our early childhood classrooms. These programs are a developmentally appropriate, research-based early learning curriculum. It is designed to prepare young learners (3, 4, and 5 years old) for the academic and social demands of kindergarten. Our pre-kindergarten uses this program in conjunction with themes each week. The clear progression of the skill of alphabet recognition and phonetical awareness (identifying sounds), the building of background knowledge and familiarity with classroom routines will be the focus on preparing for kindergarten.