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Junior High/Grades 6-8

Respectful, Responsible & Ready

Junior High begins a new academic career for our students with a major focus in being as prepared as possible for their post-graduation education. Emotional and social development are inevitably entwined with intellectual development. As leaders of our student body, the faculty at Ascension gives the students the opportunity to be role models for our younger students. They are able represent their classmates in Student Council and may serve as Ascension Student Ambassadors in addition to the many extracurricular activities that are offered.

Social Development and Individualized Understanding

Ascension Junior High faculty holds the responsibility for every student's education on each individual student. There is a common message across the Junior High staff which encourages independence. During such formative years, Junior High students are beginning to understand who they are and hold a new level of responsibility for their educational journey. As parents and community members, we expect Junior High students to choose where the next step is for their high school education. Here at Ascension School, we want students to own that responsibility and commitment to their education and make the best choice possible for themselves with their families.
Students participate in a Junior High or grade level retreat a couple of times a year. Ascension acknowledges that this stage in life and education can be difficult with the adapt to higher responsibilities, coping with stress on both an academic and peer level, and the change from elementary learning to Junior High learning.

Expectations of Our Faculty

  • Critical Thinking - every Junior High student is expected to go beyond the surface layer of analyzing. Through science and literature, we push the students to use critical thinking skills to take this ability a step further.
    8th graders are presented deep projects in literature through civil rights and Holocaust units and need to have that maturity in critical thinking to comprehend the curriculum.

  • Executive Functioning - from Kindergarten through 8th grade, Ascension students are taught Executive Functioning skills. It is in Junior High we expect these students to independently put these skills to practice.
    Junior High has a rotating schedule by subjects and it is the first time these students have to balance workloads from 4 to 6 different teachers. Executive functioning skills are expected to help them organize their assignments, turn homework in on time, and be responsible.

  • Acting with Integrity and Compassion - Ascension expects these students to conduct themselves with a quality of honesty, strong moral principles, and compassion for their fellow students.
    As leaders of the school our Junior High students have buddies in first, second and third grades. Younger students are always watching and looking up to these older students. Regularly throughout the year, the buddies come together for projects, special events, games, and activities hosted by our Home & School Association.


  • Math: Pre-Algebra/Algebra
  • Science: Amplify Science Curriculum (real-world hands on learning)
  • History: American
  • Language Arts: Greek Mythology, Poetry, Civil Rights, Holocaust, etc
  • Religion: Faith based learning in all aspects; 8th Graders are invited to receive Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Integrated Specials: Art, Physical Education, Music, and Spanish (accelerated)
To supplement the curriculum, Junior High students take advantage of our Oak Park location and explore the real world to apply what they have learned in the classroom.  Field trips from the Art Institute to the Lyric Opera House give our students the opportunity to experience culture with a hands-on approach.