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Intermediate/Grades 4-5

Fourth and Fifth Grade serve as the bridge between Primary and Junior High.

The Intermediate grades are an important step in a child's education. Junior High is a big change in the academic career for students, so using these intermediate years to fully prepare them is of high importance to our faculty. There is a greater emphasis on organizational skills and personal responsibility as the children take on a greater workload. Learning how to prioritize assignments, and balance daily work with longer-term projects can be a challenge at this age.  

Academically, students transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn,’ and are expected to think more critically about the material presented. Our Intermediate grades work cooperatively in Ascension's STEM program to encourage the development of collaborative problem-solving skills.  

Students in grades 4 and 5 are given five specials: Spanish, Library Resources, Music, Art, and Physical Education. Each special has its own teacher who is an expert in that field to take on the class for a period each week.

Each class has a maximum capacity for 25 students, and there are two teachers per grade. The teachers collaborate together and often if a teacher has an expertise focus (i.e. Science or Social Studies) the students will have the opportunity to swap classrooms for those specific subjects, which is a glimpse into the Junior High rotating subject routine just a couple years away.