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Faith & Service

Everything that we do at Ascension School is centered by our belief in Roman Catholic education. We integrate our faith in the classroom through a traditional religious education curriculum, but also through the celebration of our liturgical calendar, prayer and promoting Catholic values throughout our daily lives.

All Ascension students, beginning in preschool, are exposed to faith formation every day. Our younger children learn prayers, explore our Church and campus for religious symbols and celebrate the different seasons of the Liturgical calendar. Beginning in first grade, students participate in daily Religion classes and prepare for their upcoming sacraments of First Holy Communion, Reconciliation and Confirmation in the appropriate grades. Each grade level focuses on Faith in ways that are age-appropriate and with methods that seek to involve the student intellectually, spiritually and inter personally. Students participate in and help to plan school liturgies and prayer services.

Service plays a key role in teaching our students about our Catholic faith. Led by our Student Council, our school and Parish community work together to identify ways in which our children can help those less fortunate. Grounded in our school motto of ’Love, Kindness and Respect,’ Ascension students learn the importance of service through fundraisers, food drives and service projects that take place throughout the year.

Sacramental preparation is experienced and celebrated with the entire Ascension Parish community and in conjunction with students enrolled in Ascension’s Religious Education Program. Classroom education supports and expands our children’s understanding of these key moments in their Christian life.
Students in grades 3 through 8 attend weekly Mass at 8:15. Special All-school Masses and prayer services for grades 1 through 8 are held one to two times per month in accordance with liturgical holidays and celebrations. Early childhood students celebrate in church at Christmas and Easter.