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Primary/Grades 1-3

The primary years are a special time in a child's life, and we at Ascension are privileged to share the journey with our students. 


First Grade is both an exciting and critical time in a child's life for it is when the foundation is laid for a lifetime of learning. Our students continue with the reading curriculum, Wonders, from Preschool through Junior High for consistency. First grade is essential for developing a love of reading. Students will master the core mathematical concepts of numbers, patterns, addition and subtraction.

Second Grade is an exciting time to learn!  Our second graders focus on fostering their academic, social and spiritual growth as they explore a more rigorous curriculum in reading, math, science, and social studies.  Second graders prepare for their First Holy Communion and begin to develop a deeper understanding of their faith, service and community.

In Third Grade students continue to develop important comprehension skills and apply them in reading, social studies, science, and math. Our science curriculum combines hands-on investigations and expanding science knowledge to investigate various areas of life. Social studies focuses on various types of communities and early American history, while math focuses on developing an understanding of multiplication and division.