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School Board

The School Board is advisory group which assists the Pastor and Principal. It develops and recommends policies, recommends the School's budget, recommends tuition rates to the Pastor, helps to promote the School and its programs, and assists with fundraising.

Each spring, three members are elected to serve a three-year term. The Principal and Pastor also serve on the Board, but are not voting members. The Pastor retains the final decision-making responsibility on all Board recommendations. The School Board does much of its work through committees (finance, academics, etc.) which may include both Board Members and other concerned parents, parishioners, or faculty. 

The School Board meets regularly, usually the second Monday of each month. School parents and parishioners are welcome to attend Board meetings, which include a public comment period. 

2021-22 School Board Members

Ben Campbell (Chair)
Jane Healy Brown
Beth Carney
John Carney
Brenda Ortiz
Dianne Risch
Mike Schmeideler
Erik Treese
John Williams