Ascension School is a community that celebrates diversity and recognizes that every child enhances our  population with a unique blend of gifts and challenges. We understand that children learn in different ways and respond to a variety of teaching methods. We strive to work with students and their parents or guardians to  ensure that every child is given the support they need to excel.

Every classroom is outfitted with either tablets or Chromebooks to support Ascension’s challenging curriculum. While all students have access to tablets and computers, we believe that technology is best utilized as a  supplement to traditional texts and teaching methods. Ascension is a Google classroom school, and students in grades 3 through 8 use the Google Suite of products for class assignments. Students also learn how to use  Microsoft Office programs for word processing and presentations.

Students of every age are exposed to a comprehensive offering of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunities. We encourage every child to think deeply about the world around them at every age. Our early childhood classrooms are equipped with STEM activities for tactile learning, while the primary through junior high grades incorporate STEM into their daily schedule. Grades 4 and 5 cross-collaborate in their own STEM space to work together on projects and solve complex problems. Our state-of-the-art Ursuline Center is designed to be a modular flexible space for students to work in small groups or present to larger audiences.  Junior High students have the opportunity to participate in our Robotics Team, which competes with schools across Chicagoland in the First Lego League Challenge.