MSI Partner School

In efforts to develop an innovative, captivating, and rigorous science program, Ascension School is in its second year of a three year Science Leadership program offered by the Museum of Science and Industry. 

MSI's Science Leadership School Partners Program provides tools and structured support for whole-school change in science teaching and learning.  The program is grounded in current research for science education and designed to support schools like Ascension. Through this program we will design a path toward improvement, promote a culture of shared leadership, and build a community of professionals. 
Vision Statement
Ascension’s vision is to empower students to become successful contributors, critical thinkers, and problem solvers through observation, communication, and teamwork. Creating an environment of inquiry and developing necessary scientific skills in order to promote deeper understanding to benefit life in a culturally diverse world. Igniting a passion for a life full of never-ending curiosity and learning.
This fall, we introduced a school wide science curriculum in partnership with Amplify Science. Through Amplify, students explore the world of science through hands on learning, experiments, and activities. Every unit in Amplify Science revolves around a real-world, phenomena-based problem that serves as the content driver for that unit. By centering science education on phenomena that students are motivated to explain, the focus of learning shifts from learning about a topic to figuring out how something happens.
Ascension's MSI team consists of a teacher leader (Kristen Kerr, 5th grade), supporting administrator (Maureen Nielsen), and a cross-disciplinary team: (Jen Risley, jr. high science), Theresa Szot (4th grade), Katrina Vainisi (jr. high LA), Monica O'Meara (2nd grade), and Annie Boockmeier (pre-k).  The MSI program will guide us through a process of assessing our current status in science education, create action plans, and implement steps toward improving science education across the entire school.  Ascension believes in the vision that MSI promotes:
"Every child should attend a school that demonstrates an exceptional learning environment for science.  School leadership ensures that science and innovation are integrated across the curriculum, and achievement - by students and staff alike - is celebrated."
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