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Mr. Sengstock's Class Page

My Background

I am a 1995 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Concordia University.  As a secondary education major with a concentration in History and Political Science, I am certified to teach grades 6-12.  My career at Ascension School began on Monday, January 29, 1996, the first day of Catholic Schools Week.  Mrs. Pesce was the first Ascension teacher to introduce herself; we met outside my classroom.  I was hired as a 6th grade homeroom teacher (room 207), who, in addition to teaching Social Studies to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, also taught English to my homeroom.  I became a 7th grade homeroom teacher in the fall of 1996, moved into room 206 in 1997, and became an 8th grade homeroom teacher in 2000.  Since 1999, I have been moderator to Student Council.  I have organized Ascension’s Geography Bee since 2000.  I own more than 900 ties and I am a die hard Cub fan.

My Classroom

My teaching philosophy can be described as Socratic. As a junior high History teacher, I like to do something educationally that can't be done in any other typical setting: bringing together a large group of students to analyze concepts, themes, and topics. After reading and writing about history, students benefit from sharing a variety of interpretations, experiences, and perspectives. Students develop critical thinking skills and use higher order thinking skills when they engage in discussion that involves analysis, comparison, and evaluation. Discussing history permits students to discover themes, link the past to the present, and anticipate future events. I believe in building a base of knowledge with my students. Having background knowledge permits the development of deeper, more thoughtful perspectives. I believe students will rise to high expectations when held to them and when given the time, opportunity, and help to reach them.